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11 Essential Content Marketing Tools to Enhance User Engagement

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According to Derek Halpern from Social Triggers,

“Spend only 20 percent of the time creating content and invest 80 percent of the remaining time trying to promote it.”

The above-mentioned quote implies that your focus on content creation isn't enough to achieve the desired traffic but you should also put more effort into the distribution of the content.

Content Marketing is one such robust strategy that supports an organization in the creation of a loyal fan base. The burning question is, how many content marketers have started to adopt it? Adding to that, some content marketers aren't aware of how, when & where to start. This is what motivated me to write an article to bring awareness regarding content marketing tools.

Based upon a study by a content marketing institute, 68 percent of all B2B marketers are already leveraging content marketing as the go-to strategy for content promotion and building credibility among their audience. As per the trend, it is evident that everybody is well aware of content marketing and its positive impact on building a brand online. Considering that, apart from promoting, there are other tasks to be implemented as well, namely, content research, content creation, content marketing, analytics, and content curation.

Even experienced and skilled professionals are prone to error while creating fresh content.

As it is said by Alexander Pope, "To Err is Human."

Content marketing tools play a major role to make it accurate and consistent for providing dedicated support in the entire process. These tools don't have moods and energy doesn't impact their productivity, so, this helps in maintaining quantity and quality both.

The biggest issue here is that potential users aren't aware of it. As anything related to the tools seems too technical for the people who are into writing. To explore more, there are tutorials available on content marketing and prominently known digital marketing courses to guide you in implementing the concepts and tactics.

So, how do you select a tool for your business? Which of all the available tools will turn out to be the best in fulfilling your business goals? You can't try each one of them to decide as it would consume a lot of time, effort and money.

Here I have handpicked some content marketing tools to reduce the efforts of my fellow content marketers. Use one of these tools to boost traffic and for improving user engagement.

1. Answer The Public

Answer The Public Logo

Answer The Public is a tool dedicated to the content research process. To create unique and fresh content for your audience, it helps you to deliver relevant insights and solutions to the questions. The suggestions will be based on the inserted keyword.

Content Research Process

For example, I inserted the keyword “digital marketing” and there were endless questions generated which you can see in the above image. From the interface, you can also click on each question and explore more from Google search results.

This can be very useful to the content creator who wishes to create long and in-depth articles.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free: limited search results
  • Pro: $99/month with unlimited searches & location, language-based result

2. Evernote

Evernote Logo

Evernote is the perfect tool for content creation support and collaboration. Spaces> is one prominent feature that facilitates to create content, store content and share instant ideas. Using that, you can even invite and collaborate with other team members to acknowledge and get feedback including suggestions to improve. Apart from the collaboration, it provides you with a great feature of “Web Clipper” that lets you save insightful information from the web.

Other features include a content template that infuses customization and scanning which lets you find every important keyword, phrase or quote from the document.

Mainly it is useful to the content marketers who wish to save ideas in an instant.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Evernote Basic: Free plan with access to create notes
  • Evernote Premium: In addition to basic features, limited level of AI-based content & integration is possible

Pricing starts at $2.65/month

  • Evernote Business: Team collaboration and management are additional features with accessibility to all the basic and premium ones.

Pricing starts at $14.99/user/month (Minimum of 2 users required)

3. Grammarly


During the content creation process, there are chances of error concerning grammar, punctuation & sentence structure. Also, it is more difficult to craft comprehensive guides and pdf tutorials. Considering the content deadlines and the pressure of handling simultaneous projects, it’s not technically an apt solution to manually check every word in the document. However, I agree with the fact that there are dedicated editors but they also find it difficult sometimes to write accurately.

To deal with such a significant issue, Grammarly rescues you effectively. It provides great support for every department that participates in content creation, irrespective of its dedicated and diversified objectives. To craft error-free content, each department needs Grammarly. The marketing team requires Grammarly for creating a blog, e-book or writing web content. The customer support team uses it to communicate with customers and the sales team uses it to send a quotation to the clients.

Grammarly is very flexible in terms of integration with every app and provides extended support.

This is one tool that can be useful for everyone who deals with content on any level.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Grammarly Basic: Grammar & spelling check possible

Pricing: Free

  • Grammarly Premium: Here are additional features to check plagiarism and enhance vocabulary.

Pricing starts at $29.95/month

4. Canva


Content creation does not mean only web content and writing blogs. It also involves crafting visually appealing images for social media platforms & web portals, creating infographics for the blog and making custom images as per the requirements of paid advertising. With Canva, it’s possible to build images as per the custom requirements of the concerned platform. It lets you choose a template, color palette with the possibility to add text and enhancing the visibility of the image.

Apart from images, it has the facility to build custom graphs. Also, you can make it more appealing with the ability to choose a template then apply custom headings and text. Especially, when there is a need to showcase it in a presentation.

Besides, you can even create logos, flyers, business cards & professional resume with Canva’s in-built templates, icons, and royalty-free stock photos, even this is a multipurpose content-generating tool that you should get your hands-on.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Canva Basic: Ability to build customized images with limited access to stock photos

Pricing: Free

  • Canva Pro: In addition to basic features, you will get unlimited storage, ability to redesign images with custom dimensions and many more.

Pricing: $9.95/month including 30 days free trial

5. Mixkit


Mixkit offers free HD videos. You can use these videos in your social media posts, upcoming blog posts and every comprehensive study tutorial. Moreover, there will be no additional royalty charge of accessing videos from this platform.

We know that people are preferring video over text and images, hence it is high time you give this tool a try to enhance your content.

Visual Images

Apart from videos, it also provides visual illustrative images (like above), which can be useful to include in blogs.

Pricing & Plans:

All the features are free.

6. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a social media management tool that supports daily social media posting activity. It also provides a centralized dashboard for handling all the social media channels and the functionality to schedule all the social media posts.

Some of the prominent features include:

  • Centralized inbox for receiving all the social media comments and feedback (Notifications)
  • Facility to share important content again after some time with queue management
  • Possibility to assign various types of social media posts to team members with the collaboration feature
  • With monthly, quarterly & yearly analytics report, it is possible to measure campaign performance and get insights on target user segment. Everyone is highly active on various social media platforms. It becomes very cumbersome in maintaining and handling regular posting simultaneously. Use AgoraPulse to schedule and track.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Medium: 10 social profiles & 2 users with pricing starts at $99/month
  • Large: 25 social profiles & 4 users with pricing starts at $199/month
  • X-Large: 40 social profiles & 8 users with pricing starts at $299/month
  • Enterprise: 60 social profiles & 20 users with pricing starts at $499/month
  • Note: All the plans include 28 days of the free trial.

7. Growthhackers


GrowthHackers is the content sharing community where thought-leaders from various industries share their knowledge, best practices and valuable content for all the avid readers and researchers. It can be one of the most critical Content Marketing Tools with easy access.

Since content sharing is as important as creation, you can share all the relevant web content with readers by posting on GrowthHackers. Apart from that, you can follow all the industry thought-leaders to receive real-time updates on new content. It even facilitates you to upvote content to praise and share it with other readers regarding valuable information. Further, they can also share those content pieces on all the prominent social media platforms.

This tool can prove to be quite effective in promoting your content.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Content Sharing: Free
  • Growthhackers Experiments: Contact them for pricing
  • Growthhackers Workflow: For a startup, it’s free. To get additional information, contact them

8. Hotjar


After scheduling & sharing content on all the prominent platforms, the next step is to measure the performance of your post's reach and identify redirected traffic to your website. For checking the performance of web content and its quality, you can use Hotjar. It helps you keep track of all the content that you post.

The prominent features include:

  • Ability to build conversion funnels to check daily traffic, conversion rates and how many users bounced off in between the cycle.
  • Heatmaps to analyze which part of content got more clicks and identifying the correct placement of CTA (Call To Action) button
  • Facility to record real-time on-site user activities with “video recording” feature
  • The tool is also protecting user’s data and provides end to end data encryption while working on the mentioned features. This can be used to measure and analyze content performance and take relevant action to improve quality.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Hotjar Basic: Free plan with limited functionality of collecting 2000 page views/day
  • Hotjar Plus: Facility of collecting 10000 page views/day

Pricing starts at $29/month

  • Hotjar Business: Collection facility within range of 5000 to 2 million+ page views/day

Pricing varied from $89/month to $589/month

  • Hotjar Agency: In addition to all above plans, ability to add unlimited client sites for real-time reporting feature

Customized pricing based upon business requirements.

9. Audacity


The podcast is one trend that started on a smaller scale and has limited users but it hasn't left the market yet. It is being extensively used for content promotion.

Audacity is one of the most underrated content marketing tools that support creating audio content related to your business. This can be the game-changer tool for getting additional traffic with customized audio content for the target audience.

With this, you can convert all your recent blog content to audio files, create audio tutorials as part of the SaaS on-boarding process and share major research and studies.

Also, you can record podcasts as part of a different and creative content strategy. After recording and editing, you can export it to all the relevant platforms where you want to share the content depending upon the type and relevancy.

Pricing & Plans:

Audacity is an open-source software with free features to explore for all.

10. Curata


Creating, sharing and analyzing content is not enough when we are talking about long term plans. Practically, it’s not possible to come up with a unique idea every day and then integrating it into the content strategy. As this process requires additional time, money and resource investment, it’s better to modify old content with new data and republish on platforms. What better option than Curata to perform all the curation operations with ease.

Content Curation Process

Curata offers content curation features that help you to discover, organize and edit it with your additional inputs and share it on all the platforms.

This tool is a one-stop-shop for all the content curation requirements.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Curata Intro:1 publishing channel availability
  • Basic Version: Up to 4 publishing channel availability
  • Advanced Version: Up to 9 publishing channel availability
  • Enterprise Version: 10+ publishing channel availability

Note: Pricing depends upon your business requirements.

11. Uberflip


Uberflip is a centralized platform for all the content marketing needs from creation to sharing across major social media platforms.

Uberflip platform operations

The above image showcases the mentioned platform operations. It starts with integrating all the 3rd party content sharing platform on one dashboard, then recommending personalized content based on AI technology and finally sharing that content to all the platforms.

It is possible to categorize the content based on the user persona and assign it based on the target user segment. After this, you just need to share this niche and hyper-personalized content as per the content calendar.

For the content creators who have specialized knowledge of any topic and wish to get a better reach.

Pricing & Plans:

The demo is available and pricing will decide after the demo and depending upon your business requirements.

Final Thoughts

The list of content marketing tools can be endless and it would get too long to mention each an every tool that serves your purpose of content research, creation, sharing, analytics and curation.

The above-mentioned tools are handpicked and the list is not about best or top tools but the most essential and critical ones. Each of these plays a vital role in enhancing the whole content marketing process. So, you can start planning by getting hands-on the listed tools for accomplishing the ultimate goal.

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