by driving laser targeted traffic that converts. Oh, and we are a performance-based online marketing agency. Our clients only pay when we make them money. Ridiculously large piles of money. Yeah, we kick serious ass.

Want to increase your sales & revenue?

  • Average client before hiring us
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The majority of digital marketing agencies will focus solely on data that looks good on paper.

They use this data to justify their monthly fee.

The truth is, they don’t give a shit whether or not you are making money, as long as you continue to pay them month-after-month.

If we work with your company, our main focus is increasing your sales and revenue.


Because we only get paid when you make money

…and we do this by completely analyzing your business, your target customers, your strengths and your weaknesses. We identify opportunities and determine the best plan of action that will result in more sales and revenue for your company.

We aren’t a cookie-cutter marketing agency. Every client is different, requiring a different strategy.

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Are you ready to increase your sales and revenue?

We have seven rules…

  • 1

    We maintain 100% control. Our compensation is dependent on your website performing at the highest level, therefore we must have full control over the design and development. If we change a button or call-to-action, it’s for a very good reason.

  • 2

    You must guarantee production and fulfillment abilities. If we help you sell 1,500 widgets per day, you better be able to handle it.

  • 3

    Let us do our job. You are paying us for performance, not to question every move we make. Sit back and let us make you money.

  • 4

    We demand total trust. Without full trust, the relationship will never work.

  • 5

    This is a long-term partnership. If you think you can use us to scale and then file for divorce, think again. A percentage of sales sounds great when you are only generating $100K a year, but what happens if we get you to over $10 million annually? You are still going to pay us, that’s what happens. We do have a buy-out option, but it’s not cheap. At all.

  • 6

    We only work with straight forward agreements. Our contracts are simple. We charge a percentage of the revenue we generate for you. This percentage doesn’t fluctuate or change during specific time periods and we don’t work with complicated terms. You pay us a fixed percentage. Simple, right?

  • 7

    You must have a healthy budget. We work with brands that spend millions of dollars a month in media buys and online marketing.

Our team has worked with every type of company imaginable, producing kick ass results in some of the most competitive industries.

Our expertise covers:

All major industries

Startups with strong financial backing to Fortune 500 companies

All types of sales, including physical goods, services, software and digital information products

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer

All types of conversion goals, including leads, sales, form submits, clicks and email list building

We also own and operate several additional brands:





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with Market Domination Media® Now

Unfortunately, our performance-based online marketing isn’t for everyone. We are not a good fit if…

  • 1

    You aren’t prepared to implement our strategies and suggestions with lightning fast speed

  • 2

    You aren’t looking to establish a long-term professional relationship

  • 3

    Your monthly ad spend budget isn’t in the millions

Now, if you are looking for an agency to grab the bull by the horns and generate a shit load of sales and revenue, we will be a great match.

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Jonathan Long
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