Infographics are one of the most popular ways to get your message across using a visual image (diagram or chart) to represent the data and information. They are a great way to simplify a complex topic and they can also make a dull subject manner appear to be more exciting. This creates a more engaging user experience.

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There are four main reasons why many businesses are turning to infographics:

  • They are simple to understand and easy to digest
  • When done correctly they can be quite memorable
  • The visual element of infographics makes them a very unique marketing tool
  • Infographics are shareable across social media

Many businesses also use infographics as very powerful link bait, because they attract a lot of attention, which results in social sharing and natural link building. Infographics are a great addition to any digital marketing campaign and can result in powerful social signals and several high authority links. This is natural link building at its finest!

No matter how many search engine updates and algorithm changes roll out there are two things that will always help your website rank high, and that is quality content and links from relevant websites. Infographics help to promote this SEO naturally, which the search engines love and reward accordingly. Not only do infographics present your company as an expert in your industry, but they also result in additional exposure for your business when websites share your infographic with their audience.

Most people learn better with images, and infographics takes advantage of this by using graphics and illustrations to get your message across. Market Domination Media’s infographic service consists of four steps:

Research: Our professional team can take suggestions for a theme and topic, or they can present several options. Once a theme and topic are agreed upon the thorough research for the infographic begins. All research is done in house by our team and nothing is ever outsourced. This ensures the highest quality information is uncovered, giving us the foundation for an amazing infographic.

Content: After the research is conducted our team of professional writers use the foundation to begin to build the infographic content. All of the statistical information that is used within the content is sourced. The key to creating a successful infographic involves gathering data that is both informative and interesting. This is more than just throwing stats together, as the infographic content needs to have a nice flow to it and help to express the message.

Design: Once all of the data and content is gathered and finalized out design team begins to put together a visually appealing design that helps to tell the story. Our team of designers is one of the very best in the industry and they take what they do very seriously. Their graphical interpretation is responsible for the success of an infographic campaign.

Distribution: Once the infographic has been approved we distribute it through a variety of media outlets and channels. These include:

Blog Post: Our writers create a blog post about the infographic and upload the post along with the infographic to your website. All of the distribution will point back to this blog post, providing social shares and natural back links to your website. Not only are infographics great for brand awareness and marketing, but also they are great for natural search engine optimization.

Press Release Promotion: Our writers develop a press release announcing your infographic and link the release back to the blog post featuring the infographic. The media is quick to pick up infographics because of their popularity and this results in the PR being syndicated across several high profile websites and media outlets. Some of the media outlets that the press release will be featured on include:

Social Media Sharing: Market Domination Media gives your blog post featuring the infographic some social media love through facebook, twitter and pinterest. These social shares get the snowball rolling and offer a great SEO benefit as well.

Infographic Directories: Since infographics are so popular these days it has resulted in a large number of infographic directories that publish our infographics to share with their readers. This results in more social sharing and traffic to your website.

Image Hosting Websites: By hosting your infographic on the popular image hosting websites such as tinypic, imgur, flickr, and hundreds more, we are able to achieve more social sharing and buzz.