15 Twitter Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

15 Twitter Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

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Are you using Twitter to market your business? If not, then these Twitter marketing tips are just for you! Twitter is a social marketing channel that not every business is taking advantage of, even though there is an endless number of potential prospects to engage with.

Most business owners that aren’t active on Twitter say it’s because they feel overwhelmed and they don’t know how to even begin. It’s a great source of referral traffic and it can provide you with a steady flow of leads and sales when utilized correctly. Use the following 15 tips to start using Twitter to market your business.

15 Twitter Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

1. Determine if your target prospect is on Twitter.

Let’s start this by saying not every business is going to find their target prospect on Twitter. You should be able to determine very quickly whether or not your audience is going to be found on Twitter.

Twitter is a social platform that isn’t going to appeal to senior citizens for example. If you are trying to generate leads for an assisted living facility then Twitter probably isn’t going to produce the kind of results you are looking for.

2. Make sure you have time to dedicate to Twitter marketing.

Part of being successful on Twitter involves being consistent. You have to commit to being active daily. Active one day and then nothing for multiple days isn’t going to help at all. You can be effective with just 10 minutes a day dedicated to Twitter. Just make sure you can allocate 10 solid minutes every single day and you will be fine.

3. Identify specific Twitter marketing goals.

It is important that you identify specific goals in the beginning. This gives you something to aim for and also determine whether or not your time on Twitter is producing a return that warrants the time you spend on it every week.

Something like attracting 100 referral visits and 10 new newsletter subscribers every week is a nice starting point. As you grow your Twitter audience and determine what works for your brand you can increase and adjust your goals. They key is to have a starting point so you can track and measure success.

4. Make your Twitter bio descriptive.

When someone looks at your Twitter bio they should be able to immediately identify what it is your business does and what products or service you offer. When someone sees a Tweet that they like they often click on the profile that posted it. So, you are going to get a lot of people to check out your bio before they determine whether or not to engage with your Tweets or follow your Twitter profile.

5. Include a link to your website in your bio.

Most people just include a link to their homepage in their Twitter bio. If you have a page that features an opt-in offer that you are trying to push your website visitors to make sure you include that link in your bio instead. If someone is interested in your brand they are going to be more likely to opt-in if you send them directly to the offer rather than making them search for it on your site.

6. Make sure you use good profile and cover photos.

Make sure your photos reflect your business. Crop your business logo correctly so it isn’t cut off. If you are going to use your own photo make sure it is a professional headshot. You don’t want to use a selfie or crop a picture of you out with your friends. Always use professional photos in your Twitter profile.

7. Search #hashtags to find people to engage with and follow.

Hashtags are great for finding people that are currently Tweeting about a specific topic. This helps you identify people that are both active on Twitter and also interested in whatever it is your business provides. Set a goal to follow and engage with a specific number of people every day based on trending hashtags in your industry.

8. Use Twitter’s search function to find people to follow.

Twitter’s search function is a great way to find people that are interested or involved in your industry. Just like the hashtag search, use the regular search function to identify a few new people to follow every day. Doing this on a consistent basis will help you grow your Twitter connections and many of the people you follow will follow you back.

9. Make sure you engage with other Twitter users.

Don’t just sit idle without saying anything. Twitter is all about engagement and communication. You can’t just post Tweets either -- you have to put in some effort. Reply to Tweets, retweet interesting Tweets and if anyone reaches out to you make sure that you reply to them or answer their questions right away.

10. Tweet valuable content.

People will follow you if you Tweet valuable content, either your own or if you retweet valuable content from respected sources. Tweeting quality content often is going to yield you a larger following. Again, be consistent.

11. Follow people you want to engage with.

Following someone tells them that you are interested in engaging with them. You are also going to get a large percentage of them to follow you back. You can expect at least half of the people that you follow to follow you back. There is a lot of spam on Twitter, so make sure to look over your followers list every week and clean out spammy accounts that you see.

12. Use Hootsuite to schedule Tweets in advance.

Hootsuite is a great tool to help automate your Twitter marketing. This allows you to schedule Tweets to be published at prime engagement times, even if you aren’t able to be active at those specific times. This also helps you to be consistent, as you can schedule your Tweets for months in advance.

13. Use a click-to-Tweet plugin.

If you use a click-to-Tweet plugin on your blog you can identify specific pieces of text that will be included in a Tweet that links back to your content. More people that Tweet your content result in more people coming in contact with your brand and Twitter profile. This helps to attract traffic as well as Twitter followers.

14. Use images and gifs of your products.

If you sell physical products then make sure you include some images in your Tweets. You can also create a custom hashtag and encourage your customers to Tweet pictures of your products. If you do this, make sure that you reply back and thank them. This causes priceless brand engagement with the people that buy your products.

15. Share popular news stories related to your industry.

Make sure you follow the major media outlets that cover your industry. This will provide you with great content to share with your followers. People like to read news stories that originate on major media outlets and this gives you an opportunity to give your followers the mainstream news they crave.

The key to finding success on Twitter is being consistent. You can’t engage with prospects and post content one day and then go radio silence for days. Once you build up an audience they are going to want to engage on a regular basis. Even if you have limited time you can use a program like Hootsuite to automate a large percentage of your Twitter marketing. Put the effort in and you can experience success on Twitter. If you don’t put in a serious effort you will not see a return.

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